How Difficult Is it to Switch IT Companies?

The COVID-19 pandemic, subsequent lockdowns and quarantines have dramatically reshaped the world economy. With sales dropping, increasing debt and difficulties accessing credit, companies are pressed on all fronts.

The situation has affected both small-to-medium businesses and large corporations. More than ever, businesses rely on tech-based solutions. This is putting significant stress on existing IT infrastructure. However, switching IT companies can be unnerving.

Your current IT company manages your hardware, software, databases, access codes and more. This provider is privy to vast amounts of privileged information and vulnerabilities. The company you’ve chosen is also the current backbone of your operations.

What’s So Hard About Switching IT Companies?

There are several components to the difficulty of switching IT companies. The implicit trust placed in your current IT provider places considerable power in their hands.

As network administrators, your IT company essentially has the keys to your kingdom. In many cases, your staff don’t even have access codes for key IT assets. This makes anything but a smooth transition an unacceptable risk for many companies. Their vulnerability to a potentially hostile IT company is simply too great.

Many elements disrupt the smoothness of that transition. New protocols or security practices can seem difficult for staff. Old habits die hard.

The Case for Switching

We’ve been in the digital age for decades now, and businesses implement IT infrastructure in multiple ways. You’ve probably had the same IT company for years. However, the tech revolutions keep coming, and new IT providers may be better suited to tackle the future.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that auto-industry giant Audi’s cloud computing costs spiked by 12% between March and April. With virtually no sales or manufacturing taking place, mind you. Audi worked with its provider to shut down unused assets and shift high-volume tools to cheaper platforms. Ultimately, Audi cut spending by 30%.

This is in line with McKinsey’s research, showing that there is often some flexibility built into most IT budgets. Switching providers not only cuts down on spending but can provide a better framework for new realities.

Be Strategic When Switching IT Companies

How can you leverage the advantages of switching IT companies without exposing yourself to the risks? It’s important to be strategic.

First off, preserve your relationship with your current IT provider. Don’t back out of your contracts or service agreements too soon. Wait until you’ve already found a new provider and established a relationship.

In the meantime, gather all your admin-level access privileges. You want users and passwords to every asset on your network. This may tip off your current provider, but it’s all information you already should’ve had under your control.

With these access privileges, have your new IT company conduct a thorough sweep of your network for any vulnerabilities. Once they’re all set up, you can begin to disengage your current provider with total safety.

How Can a Managed IT Services Company Help?

A managed IT services company can assist in your transition in crucial ways. From providing consultancy services to outright managing your IT services, they play an essential role in a smooth transition.

The staff at Tech42 offers a range of managed IT services, tailored to specific industries. You can reach them at (570) 209-7200 or via email to [email protected] to learn all the benefits that can come from making a change in your IT services provider.