Joanne Nichols-014

Joanne Nichols

Director of Business Operations

Why did you decide to get into the IT industry and how did you get here?

“While I was in college, I was working at Sugarman’s part-time as a cashier and overtime I was offered a full-time position as an auditor in the office balancing registers and doing balance sheets.  I learned so much during that time and loved everything about what goes on behind the scenes in a business that I’ve stuck with finance ever since.  I started with tech42 as the Financial Manager and over time as more responsibilities came my way I began to take care of day to day business operations as well.” 

Which of your skills benefits the success of tech42 most?

“My knowledge in QuickBooks and finance in general is very beneficial and has allowed me to help relieve Mike of some of his responsibilities which helped to lighten his work load for other projects.  I make sure the office runs smooth every day, this includes everything from making sure all the techs have the products and information that they need to complete their jobs each day and on the other end of things ensuring we have everything needed for emergency jobs by keeping inventory stocked, ordering office supplies and kitchen items, whatever is needed.”

In your opinion, what are the core values of tech42?

“Our values are honesty, hard work and dedication to our clients.  All of our tech’s love what they do, and they do everything they can to make sure that our clients are protected and running efficiently.  They treat our clients like they would a family member.”

Tell us about one of your favorite projects with tech42?

“I think the last few projects that we have done like Olympia Chimney and Button Oil were among my favorites so far.  I was responsible from start to finish on these projects on more than just the financial end of things.  I was responsible for ordering all the products needed, getting everything organized for our techs and keeping them informed on delivery expectations.  I was also able to work with Great America on the financial end and ensure that things went smooth for all involved.” 

In a few words, what do you like most about working at tech42?

“I love everyone here and the passion that they have for their jobs!  The energy is always high here and it’s very enlightening.  I also love to laugh and make others laugh as well and that happens here every day!”

What are some things you like to do when you aren’t working?

“Gardening is my favorite hobby, I love my flower gardens and creating new ones.  In the winter I play the keyboard and do a lot of crafts to keep busy.  One thing I would love to learn is woodworking.”