How Co-managed IT Services Help Businesses In Scranton & Wilkes-Barre

Is your company still relying on an in-house IT department for system maintenance? It might be time to make a valuable transition.

Tech has come a long way, advancing by the day since the era of break/fix IT. At the moment, the reality is that most organizations’ internal IT functions aren’t well equipped to stay up to date with innovation trends. Consequently, most companies run a reactive IT instead of being proactive, relying on systems that struggle to address the needs of a growing entity in the highly digitized world.

If you’ve ever jeered the idea of working with a third-party provider offering outsourced support because you believe your current architecture is ok or because of cost concerns, it’s time to reconsider. You stand to enjoy immense benefits from your relationship with a co-managed services provider, especially if you choose a reliable company like Tech42.

What are Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT services refer to a model where organizations collaborate with third-party IT support services. Your organization’s current IT department will benefit from a helping hand from the knowledge and expertise of industry specialists. Based on the required knowledge, budget, and available time, the workload and tasks can be split between the existing IT team and the third party.

Many reasons can prompt you to seek the services of a co-managed IT partner. But if any of the following issues relate to your day-to-day life, you should consider the service:

  • Your internal IT department pays more attention to strategic concerns at the expense of the essential day-to-day processes.
  • Your company’s IT team is always committed, hence can’t entirely address strategic components.
  • Your organization has experienced fast growth, an attribute that should be reflected rapidly within your in-house IT team.
  • Your IT team is just fine, but you require additional workload ability and support.

Types of Co-Managed IT Services

Diving into the realm of co-managed IT, you must understand the different types of services and providers available. However, note that not every provider will offer all the services in this scope. For example, a third party might offer all the services below, but you might find only a handful when working with another. Let’s explore:

Cybersecurity Expertise 

Your team might be well trained and qualified, but they won’t always be ahead of cybersecurity matters. Considering how cunning cybercriminals have become and the growing complexity of recent cyber incidents, only an experienced third party will help address your cybersecurity needs.

Help Desk Services

It’s overwhelming to manage a busy office. Keeping up with the numerous phone calls, piling emails, and pending Facebook comments while giving customers the attention they need can be daunting. Help desk services will facilitate your office work, streamlining your business and boosting productivity.

IT Advisory Services

Creating and maintaining a full-time dedicated IT team with the right expertise for the current IT landscape is hard for growing businesses. Even with the right team, it may be hard to keep up with industry trends. IT advisory services handle just that, offering apt support to your current IT department.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing has been the center stage for the current digitized world. However, grasping every element of the concept and optimizing your cloud usage can be hard. Co-managed IT offers cloud services that suit your business size and specialization, making you competitive.

Microsoft Product Support

Microsoft products boost collaboration and business productivity, allowing you to work in smart, advanced ways. In addition, Microsoft product support services will guide you in finding the right products for your needs, managing them, and getting the highest returns on investments.

IT Projects

If your business isn’t specialized in tech, your internal IT team may not have sufficient capacity to handle your IT projects. Co-managed services will address this need and keep your IT projects optimally functioning. In addition, this allows your teams to focus on core competencies.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services to Your Organization

IT support comes in different forms, each with its unique advantages. However, you’ll enjoy the following benefits when you opt for co-managed IT services:

  • IT support around the clock – One of the key benefits of co-managed IT models is that you’ll get around-the-clock IT support with no availability concerns. This is a vital quality for organizations that operate beyond the standard nine to five schedule. The experts also cover vacation time or sick offs for in-house workers.
  • Operations control – Co-managed IT differs from most IT services in that your team will still be in control of every administrative access. You’ll also access the services and tools offered by your provider. As such, you’ll be free to choose the areas of operation you wish to streamline with the third party’s input or your in-house team. ‘
  • Stay up to date with industry trends – No matter their qualifications, your internal team won’t always stay ahead of IT trends like technology, software, and cybersecurity. A co-managed IT partner will keep you updated without additional resources and time to train the in-house team.
  • Fewer responsibilities – Maintaining smooth operations and reduced output time with third-party assistance means less responsibility to manage by yourself. Instead of recruiting a new employee, guiding the third-party expert isn’t your responsibility. What’s more, your partner will be there around the clock to monitor your systems even when your in-house employees aren’t available.
  • Improved security posture – Co-managed service providers offer best-in-class processes and tools to bolster your company’s cybersecurity posture. The partnership will help implement vulnerability management, endpoint protection, SIEM (security information and event monitoring), and more.
  • Instant IT implementation – With a co-managed IT partner, you won’t struggle to identify the right technology for your operations and needs. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend time recruiting and training new workers for one-time or temporary projects.
  • Cost savings – Supplementing your current IT team with external specialists allows you to accomplish more with a smaller department and in-house resources. This translates to substantial savings on staff recruitment and retention. The experts also offer insight into the right technologies and upgrades to serve your needs, hence more long-term benefits and savings.
  • Improved staff morale – Better strategies, business insights, professional consultations, faster response times, and decision support are vital tools to foster a positive team culture. With the right resources for success, you’ll create a work environment that supports a better focus on tasks and longevity.

tech42 Provides Co-managed IT Services In Scranton & Wilkes-Barre

Technology evolves by the day and becomes increasingly complex. As a result, businesses experience numerous challenges as they strive to address their needs and stay ahead of the trends.

Co-managed IT services have been designed to support your in-house IT functions to overcome these challenges. However, it’s only by partnering with a reliable co-managed IT service provider that you’ll enjoy the full benefits.

Tech42 is your reliable partner offering custom co-managed IT services to match your needs, improve productivity, and reduce costs. Therefore, speak with our experts today.