Managed IT Services For Law Firms

Technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of how law firms are run. It facilitates continuous communication and exchange of information within the firm and with clients. However, despite the benefits it may offer, there are risks that it brings. Anytime your office network fails, operations will be affected. You might benefit from managed IT services.

Another key element to consider is the security of your network and systems. Any breach of your systems can compromise your firm and clients’ privacy, exposing you to potential lawsuits. Data suggests that 25% of law firms in the US have been affected by a data breach. Therefore, it is crucial to take appropriate measures to safeguard your IT infrastructure.

Of greater importance is your team’s ability to focus on core business functions without worrying about breaches. This is where Tech42 LLC comes in. We offer managed IT services to law firms, ensuring you are protected at all times.

Law Firm Managed IT Services

How Your Law Firm Will Benefit from Managed IT Services

One of the binding agreements in the legal field is client-attorney confidentiality. In addition to client information, you also hold tons of firm and employee data that’s sensitive. Such data, if accessed, can be used maliciously by cybercriminals. Along with managing such threats, managed IT services offer additional benefits.

Access the Best Security Infrastructure

Cybersecurity systems are continually evolving to address new threats. As part of our law firm IT management service, you will get access to the best cybersecurity technologies. As new solutions arise, we incorporate them to ensure your security is not compromised. This is accompanied by the use of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) technology that enables us to monitor your systems automatically and continuously.

Easy Access to Information

At any given moment, your legal teams may require to access information that’s crucial to a case. Any system failure preventing access can have significant consequences for the case and to the firm. Our solutions allow your attorneys to store files in the cloud. This allows them to access files from anywhere and at any time with any internet-enabled device. More importantly, cloud storage adds another layer of security, reducing the risk of breaches.

Helps You Achieve and Maintain Compliance

Due to the increasing threat of cyber threats, several regulations have passed in recent years that organizations should comply with. Some such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), have been instituted by government bodies. Various industry bodies have established others, such as the PCI-DSS security standards and HIPAA regulations.

While providing legal services, you will be required to remain compliant with various regulations. For instance, you will need to comply with HIPAA regulations for cases that involve clients’ medical data. As you will be handling credit cards and your client’s financial information, complying with PCI-DSS is also necessary.

Failure to comply, even in the absence of a breach, exposes your firm to stiff fines and penalties. Ensuring that you meet all the compliance requirements can be challenging. With our managed IT services specifically for law firms, you can be sure that your firm is compliant at all times. Over time, compliance standards are adjusted to cater to evolving threats. As such requirements are adjusted, so are our standards, leaving no room for exposure to non-compliance fines.

Improved Productivity

A law firm’s productivity is directly linked to productivity. Whereas there are different metrics used to calculate productivity, the main one is utilization rate. This is the amount of time your attorneys spend on billable work.

In a technologically-driven ecosystem, any IT issues such as slow internet and breakdown in servers, all of which are inevitable, can significantly impact the utilization rate. Instead of having your legal teams spend time addressing such issues or waiting to get fixes, use managed IT services.

To begin with, our services will significantly reduce the frequency of such occurrences. And, when they occur, we will respond swiftly to get you back online. By reducing network downtime, your team can focus more on client tasks, allowing them to get more done.

Enhances Collaboration

Depending on the type of case, different members of your team may be involved. Due to multiple workloads for each and varying schedules, there may be delays. This is especially so if collaboration is necessary between offices in separate locations.

Managed IT services can help you address this challenge. With the knowledge and confidence of your security along with cloud services, you can collaborate remotely. This eliminates the need for face-to-face meetings. Each member can work on the project remotely and at their convenience. Such enhanced collaboration ensures that there are no delays in handling such cases.

Reduced Operational Costs and Level Playing Field

The need to put in place cybersecurity measures is undeniable. However, taking an in-house approach comes with several hurdles. You will require to dedicate substantial floor space, human resources, and invest in IT infrastructure, among other things. The cost of setting up is high, and running the program will significantly increase operational costs. As such, setting up such a robust program is not a viable option for small firms.

Managed IT services, eliminate the need for such extensive in-house efforts to maintain cybersecurity. You will gain access to the best IT infrastructure without the need to own it, all for a monthly subscription fee. Compared to the cost of hiring IT personnel, the subscription fee is highly manageable. Moreover, we will handle any necessary infrastructure upgrades.

Continuous Monitoring and Support

Regardless of how robust an IT environment is, it requires round-the-clock monitoring. This ensures day-to-day technical issues are addressed, and any potential threats are identified and nullified before they can impact your systems.

In addition to continuous monitoring, we offer our clients support to address any concerns.

How do We Go About it?

To ensure your practice is safe, we will customize a solution that suits you. This begins with an on-site discovery process to identify possible issues within your IT ecosystem. From there, our IT specialists will develop the necessary strategies to secure your firm.

Reach out to us today to access technology and solutions that will take your law firm to the next level.