Healthcare: Managed IT Services and Support

In any business, you will not be able to do everything on your own. Today, even the most successful healthcare organizations will need help to effectively and efficiently manage and protect their networks, applications, and IT operations. Today’s healthcare organizations are trying to effectively manage dispersed networks and mobile environments while trying to protect patient data and payment data from possible cyber attacks.

Healthcare IT professionals need to have complete access to support systems, devices, applications, medical records, and more using a variety of platforms. IT professionals will also need to be able to secure a substantial amount of sensitive information that is stored on their networks, which makes the medical industry a captivating target for cybercriminals.

Healthcare organizations are also held to firm compliance regulations, such as HIPAA, and have to ensure partners and associates are always meeting the standards and requirements that have been set. In 1996, HIPAA was established to secure companies that managed personal health records and data, ensuring they adhere to a strict set of procedures and roles when accepting, managing, and saving patient information.

In recent years, there has been a 25% year-over-year increase in healthcare data breaches. This has put an incredible strain on medical facilities and their staff. tech42 LLC has those sharp eyes and helping hands to combat incoming threats and create a worry-free network by managing databases, monitoring site systems, or maintaining the entire IT environment.

Healthcare: Managed IT Services and Support

Healthcare: Why Do You Need Managed IT Services?

With tech42 LLC managing your IT services and technology, you will be able to focus on treating your patients and supporting your customers. tech42 LLC has provided high-quality IT managed services for more than a decade, helping medical organizations:

  • Improve IT performances
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase quality
  • Ensure your IT systems up-to-date and relevant

tech42 LLC’s solutions enable security and support professionals within medical organizations to obtain access to medical devices and remote systems safely and securely. A well-managed IT infrastructure will become invisible when it is being managed properly. We understand what it takes to provide support to a true mission-critical environment.

Healthcare: Compliance Services

With tech42 LLC managing the network for your medical facilities, your physicians, providers, and medical staff will be able to do what they do best: taking great care of patients and providing healthcare. Reliable IT support is necessary and critical for maintaining a healthy and stable computing environment, as well as for staying current on your IT requirements as the medical facility grows.

Our experience in the medical environment and experience with HIPAA compliance and EHR software gives us the edge to fully service your medical facility’s IT needs. tech42 LLC will do this by collaborating with your medical facility to:

  • Provide a review and updates on your HIPAA policies and procedures
  • Assess any current or potential risks to your patient information
  • Implement policies and procedures that will protect patient records
  • Conduct a vulnerability assessment
  • Perform multiple tests to ensure all vulnerabilities from the assessment are eliminated

Cybersecurity Services

tech42 LLC’s services also address the three-legged monster known as cybersecurity – prevention, detection, and response. Cyberattacks and breaches are on the rise in the medical industry, and patient data and patient lives are at stake. Due to the various channels by which medical facilities are vulnerable and can be attacked, in addition to the impact of recent attacks and breaches, security should always be at the center of discussions.

As a small/medium-sized business owner or manager, it is critical to have an awareness of all cybersecurity related-risks. With a greater understanding of cybersecurity risks, you will be able to implement an infrastructure that can successfully mitigate those risks. If your current infrastructure is not being protected from cyber attacks, it is time to find a solution provider that can protect your network.

tech42 LLC can deliver a cybersecurity program to mitigate risks and improve the quality of delivery. Some common objectives of an efficient cybersecurity program will include:

  • Designing a cybersecurity strategy
  • Mitigating current and possible threats and exposures
  • Demonstrate cybersecurity risk reduction
  • Ensuring your cybersecurity program is aligned with your business objectives

tech42 LLC has the expertise and the equipment to improve your cybersecurity strategies and protect the technology of your medical facility.

Telemedicine Services

Today’s healthcare providers will face a variety of challenges including increasing patient loads, rising costs, and a shortage of medical professionals. More medical facilities offer visual communication solutions that will allow patients to interact with healthcare professionals who may not be available locally. Telemedicine and telehealth technology has changed the way medical facilities deliver services.

However, these new solutions utilize complex technologies that will require responsive management. tech42 LLC’s solutions will streamline the deployment and management of your medical facilities’ telemedicine solutions. Successful remote care management solutions that meet your goals will require high-quality technology and crisp execution.

Support for EHR/EMR Solutions

tech42 LLC’s EHR and EMR services will allow your medical facility to stay up-to-date with ever-changing market trends, patient needs, customers, needs, and regulatory frameworks. Through a decade worth of experience in supporting the top ERP solutions for customers across the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre areas, we will ensure you have an EMR/EHR solution that will match your needs.

We will also ensure your EMR/EHR solutions are implemented in a way that will allow you to achieve the highest value from your investment. Through our knowledge of EMR/EHR solutions, we will help you implement and operate the essential processes of your business with the highest efficiency and precision. Whether you want to implement a new EMR/EHR solution or upgrade your current ERP solution, tech42 LLC’s team will provide you with relevant information to ensure you have the resources you need.

Our services will transform your medical facility by ensuring your team has all the tools and resources it needs to run at peak efficiency. Our managed services solutions will control every technical aspect of your medical facility. This includes a 24/7 help desk staff for doctors and staff and assistance with audits and continuity. When combined with our monitoring services and other services, we can help protect your entire facility through the proper assessment and monitoring your the IT foundation of your medical facility.