Managed Services

A Comprehensive & Customized Plan for Your Business


Managed Services may be something that you have already started to investigate for your business or it may be a completely new concept for your IT infrastructure. Either way, it is the most beneficial way to handle your IT services. This proactive approach to IT moves away from a break/fix IT model and focuses on creating a plan specifically tailored for your business. A Managed Services Agreement (M.S.A.) allows us to create a roadmap of your infrastructure and network, provide preventative maintenance measures and the most up-do date IT solutions for your network. Businesses are quickly beginning to change their IT models to M.S.A. to ensure that they receive the best quality of service for their budget. Some IT companies offer different levels of M.S.A. which often leads to unforeseen bills, but at tech42 we see the value in encompassing all these services into one monthly, flat rate package.

Benefits of Managed Services

*Improved level of security with disaster recovery, antivirus and anti-malware protection

*Customized plans for your business to forecast growth and budgeting

*VPN and remote services allow for employee access outside of the office

*A 24/7/365 Help Desk to create a stress-free IT environment for you and your employees

*Cloud services to ensure data backup and security

*Virtual CIO for expertise and executive decision making

*Flat rate billing allowing for cost savings and reduction of unforeseen costs

*New hardware and network infrastructure to reduce aging technology costs

*Customized solutions and preventative maintenance for increased productivity

*Remote monitoring access resulting in less down time for employees

What does Manages Services Include?

                                                                                             *Unlimited Remote Support                                          *Cloud Backup

                                                                                             *Unlimited Onsite Support                                             *Email & Spam Filtering

                           *Installation & Migration of Hardware                        *Installing New Equipment & Software

                                                                                            *Antivirus Protection & Monitoring                               *Security & Firewall

                                                                                            *Server Monitoring & Management                            *Travel

                                                                                            *Server & PC Preventative Maintenance                  *Virus Monitoring & Removal

                                                                                            *Network Documentation                                              *Office365

                                                                                            *Imaging                                                                               *Annual Telco Auditing

                                                                                            *Windows Patch Management                                     *Web Hosting

                                                                                            *Vendor Liaison Services                                                 *Software Upgrades & Migration

                                                                                            *Spam Control & Filtering                                                *Research for Main Business Applications

                                                                                            *VPN & Remote Access                                                      *Training End Users on Software Applications                                                                                                                                                                                    *Remote Monitoring & Management