Manufacturing & Industrial IT Services

Streamline Your Technology and Boost Productivity and Profitability

There has never been a moment since the industrial revolution when technology has greatly impacted manufacturing as it does now.

New digital technologies are helping manufacturers streamline very complex processes. Industries and manufacturers are leveraging new tech to boost their productivity, lower their overheads, and increase profitability.

The demand for higher quality products at lower prices has been the driving force behind the current industrial and manufacturing revolution. At the core of all these new technologies, however, is communication.

Leverage Technology to Improve Business Communications

Industries must adopt seamless modern technologies to interconnect their facilities and administrative units first. This is vital to reaping all the benefits of today’s information and communication technologies. Tech42 is a tech company that specializes in helping manufacturers lay the foundation for reliable communications throughout a business.

We strive to equip forward-looking businesses with the latest and most innovative communications technologies. We believe that many manufacturers today could increase their output and profitability by as much as 100% if only they leveraged modern communication technologies.

Tech42 can help your business improve inter-team communications by setting up synchronized communications. The research, production, engineering, and sales teams can then collaborate to develop better products and get them to market faster than ever before.

New communication systems are designed to help teams spot customer buying patterns and understand product performance in the market. Manufacturers in the make-to-order market, in particular, need reliable communication methods that enable the business to adapt to any unexpected changes in the production channel.

Simplify Complex Supply Chains

Today’s market is the most competitive ever for any age-old industry. It demands a transparent and more alignment between the manufacturer and their suppliers and service providers. The sheer number of companies it takes to research, develop, produce, and supply products makes the manufacturing effort complex with intertwined interdependencies. New technologies can simplify this ever-increasing complexity of manufacturing, and the price is not as steep as it may seem.

At Tech42, we have skilled experts to scrutinize your manufacturing processes to figure out what works and what needs work. Businesses turn to us because we know technology and can help them plan and stay ahead of the curve as technology evolves. We take care of the technical aspects of communication so that you can focus on producing quality products and delivering them to the customer.

All our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of a client. When you come to us, you choose a technology partner that seeks to understand why your business has various systems in place to figure out the new how.

We will carry out an on-site discovery process at your manufacturing facility at our initial meeting. This is a crucial step in which we extract all the critical issues and processes within the manufacturing network. Our team will then feed the data into our analysis system and use the output to develop a customized network and IT infrastructure plan for you.

By factoring in all the needs and structures of your business, we will create up-to-date strategies and options that are uniquely yours. The final word on what solutions and strategies to implement will be yours, of course, but your decision will be based on simulated but accurate performance statistics.

We Succeed Only When You Succeed

The Problem

One of our long-term clients turned to us because the company business was hurting, yet everything seemed to run fine. This was a large manufacturing plant with complex processes, hundreds of employees, and billions in assets. When we scrutinized their facility, we discovered that the company’s biggest problems were small communication problems.

Communication and decision-making processes at the plant were not streamlined at all. There was barely a transparent communication channel between teams and even between team members within a department. A worker’s request to print a document would often bounce between multiple computers and users before it ends up at the printer. The company also had a perennial downtime problem in the shipping department that we traced to bureaucratic communication channels. Such inefficiencies added up and ultimately became a bottleneck to productivity and profitability.

The Solution

Tech42 helped the firm streamline its business processes, cut out redundancies, and generally made the company better. We began by rewiring their network, upgrading their hardware, and collaborated with their IT office to select better software. Tech42 resolved the downtime problem in the company’s shipping department by installing an efficient order fulfillment system. The company’s internal workloads are now streamlined, workers are more efficient, and communication is more fragmented.

IT Services For Manufacturing & Industrial Companies

There was a significant increase in the company’s productivity and efficiency within three months of Tech42’s intervention. The employees attested to the efficiency and reliability of the new systems and even wondered why they had to struggle with outdated systems. The new R&D and sales teams are now processing high rates of returns on investment, and the company owners enjoy higher profits.

Tech42 is focused on leveraging new technologies to improve company efficiency. We do this by identifying the core problems a company faces to create unique solutions that work for them.

The Problem

A major local manufacturer reached out to Tech42 early in the year. The company had issues across the board, but the most notable were system reliability and security and poor workload management. This business relies on technology to produce and deliver thousands of parts across the country every week. The hiccups in their systems caused delays in order fulfillment and led to low customer ratings and slumped sales.

Our experts identified major wiring issues at the manufacturing plant on the first visit. Wiring was left out in the open, the network was hogged by decade-old server software, and there was severe network confusion.

The Solution

We started by redesigning the plant’s communications systems and setting up a new network. This involved consolidating their 14 servers into just 5 and adding 2 virtual servers for domain and file storage. Once the network was up and running, we upgraded every employee’s workstation with new better machines with dual monitors. Their productivity shot through the roof within a month.

tech42 Provides IT Support For Manufacturing & Industrial In Scranton & Wilkes-Barre

By eliminating all the clutter, arranging the wires in racks, and condensing servers, the firm was finally compliant with industry IT standards. Not long after the systems upgrade, the company requested us to upgrade their phones to better and cheaper internet-based systems, and it wiped out their monthly phone bill.

The investment that this manufacturer made and their choice of Managed IT Services provider worked well for them. They cut their IT costs by over $100,000 within a year and over $250,000 on technology-related expenses and bills in two years. Presently, the firm has positioned itself for a significant growth spurt, leveraging our project management team and vCIO to prepare for a major acquisition.