Is Poor Organization Resulting in Lost Ideas and Missed Opportunities?

Recall the last client or team meeting you attended. Ideas are flowing, and notes are taken on pads, in notebooks and on whiteboards. Unfortunately, many of these ideas are quickly erased or lost. Your team misses out on valuable information, which means poor productivity and missed business opportunities.

According to a study by Professor Mark J. Perry, only 12% of 1955s Fortune 500 companies are still on the list. Many of these corporations couldn’t adapt to include new innovative technologies and processes, and it cost them dearly.

You need a tool that will let you capture vital information and store it for easy reference, editing or sharing with your team. If it’s a technological edge you’re looking for, Microsoft Lens can give it to you.

Microsoft Office Lens: Capture, Organize, and Never Lose Another Idea

According to Forbes, technology needs to be the top priority of any business leader if they want to stay competitive. With Microsoft Lens, you and your team can track and share valuable ideas before they’re lost. The ability to capture, edit and share ideas will increase productivity and improve business processes. Best of all, it can give your company the edge it needs to beat the competition.

With the right solution, you no longer have to worry about losing that essential phone number or brilliant idea from a team brainstorming session. Capture every detail and preserve it with Microsoft Office Lens.

Imagine a team that never loses track of vital creative details, contact information or ideas. You can make that a reality by including this app in your arsenal of business tools. All you need is to download the app from either the Android, Apple or Microsoft app stores. It’s the first step to creating an optimized and efficient office environment.

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