Medical & Technology

Privacy, Protection & a Proactive Approach


One thing is for certain, when it comes to operating a medical business, there is no cutting corners.  Over the past few years, governing bodies such as HIPAA, have been cracking down on enforcement of regulations.  In fact, HIPAA cases and fines are up over 25% in the past 3 years.  This puts an enormous strain on the medical facility and staff.  While most of that worry comes from the medical team, there is also worry coming from the patients.  Patient data has become the #1 concern to medical executives and finding technology approaches to combat incoming threats is a close second.
tech42 has the experience in the medical environment to create a worry-free network.

We understand the importance of your technical team, taking consideration of all governing bodies and regulation, while ensuring a safe and secure medical facility.  The use of modern and updated technology gives us the ability to manage ad store your most important asset – your patient information – because without patients there is no business.


Your Success is Our Success

The growth and expansion of a local non-profit, healthcare facility led its CEO down a path of concern when she realized that her technology infrastructure wasn’t suited or compliant for growth.  Opening the 4th facility was enough stress, nonetheless, finding a technically advanced team that understood medical governance was causing more pain.  That is when tech42 was approached to drive a solution that would fulfill growth challenges and provide a worry-free medical environment.  The objective was to overcome four major concerns: New facility, lost employee time due to aging technology, expansive infrastructure & compliance with governing bodies.

Today, tech42’s Manage Service solution controls all technical aspects of each of the four medical facilities.  They include a 24×7 helpdesk for staff and doctors, assistance with technical HIPAA audits and continuity among all four locations.  In addition, our virtual CIO support offers a full team that provides insight, planning and risk management for their next growth phase.


When the ownership team decided to look for areas to cut costs, one of those major areas was in the IT arena.  The team was looking for a few things: budgeted expenses, more accessibility for their staff and a more dependable remote working environment.  tech42 jumped on the opportunity to create a more cohesive solution and rebuild their current network.  Through tech42’s Managed Service, tech42 was able to provide new computers, network hardware and access for the medical staff to work remotely with IT support at their fingertips.

As of today, the medical staff continues to praise how quick and efficient their medical record system works from remote, field destinations.  In addition, they have access to multiple technical support staff at all hours of the day.  The ownership team also found what they were looking for in savings by having a monthly, budgeted option for technical support – saving over $20,000 per year.