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Privacy, Protection & a Proactive Approach


One thing is for certain, when it comes to operating a medical business, there is no cutting corners.  Over the past few years, governing bodies, such as HIPAA, have been cracking down on enforcement of regulations.  In fact, HIPAA cases and fines are up over 25% in the past 3 years.  This puts an enormous strain on the medical facility and staff.  While most of that worry comes from the medical team, there is also worry coming from the patients.  Patient data has become the #1 concern to medical executives and finding technology approaches to combat incoming threats is a close second.
tech42 has the experience in the medical environment to create a worry-free network.

We understand the importance of your technical team, taking consideration of all governing bodies and regulation, while ensuring a safe and secure medical facility.  The use of modern and updated technology gives us the ability to manage ad store your most important asset – your patient information – because without patients there is no business.

your success is our success

A growing dental practice was also growing tired of their unreliable IT support and then they reached out to us.  Initially, they had 2 offices that were fully functioning – 1 that was in the process of a complete reconstruction and 1 that came about after we began working with them.  Over the years they had a lot of issues internally with old software, old operating systems and an unreliable network.  Initially, we worked with them to improve their network, replace their old hardware and computers and get them on a path where the employees would not be experiencing daily IT issues.

When their computers and network failed them it not only resulted in loss of productivity, but also made it difficult to work with patients, as they had relied on their computers for history, insurance verification, payment, scheduling, and more.  Once we updated their technology we began working with and learning their software so that we would be able to assist them in any issues they may experience.  As a Managed Services client, we provide them with on-site updates and training on their software at each location as they become available.  Once the open locations were running smooth, we began to work on building a network and infrastructure for their new locations.  This included not only building out the network, but also installing new computers and updating the software with secure connections.  Over the course of their time with us they have been experiencing less issues and have increased their productivity, all while saving money in their budget as a Managed Services client.