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Spotting Email Scams

Phishing and other fraudulent messages were the most common cybercrime in 2020 with over 200,000 reports, according to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internet Crime Report 2020. Approximately 90% of data breaches occur from clicking links in scam phishing emails.  Cyber attacks, including phishing emails, tend to get worse during the holiday season,…

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I Hate “Work from Home”!

Our team has been working from home for two weeks now and I hate it!  Not because sales are down, although they are, and not because I miss having a door I can close (with a 10 and 7-year-old also in the house I miss it desperately!)  But mostly because I miss the energy of…

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Holiday Desktop Declutter!

During the holidays we rush around to do our shopping, attending holiday parties or decorating our homes that some attention on starting 2020 off on the right note might get swept under the rug.   There are just two short weeks left in 2019 which means that anyone who uses a computer for business has spent…

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