When you partner with tech42 for4 your IT needs, tech42 becomes an extension of your team. As your partner, we are here to work together with your team and give them the confidence and tools to successfully collaborate and maximize efficiency in the workplace all while following standard safety measures through our partner training.  


Do we need internal training? 

It may be tempting to leave IT to the IT department, but company-wide education has many benefits. With the proper training, employees gain confidence in their skills and knowledge, which in turn leads to increased productivity. 

Internal staff training is a proactive measure that typically reduces technical issues and security threats in the future. When employees are aware of potential cybersecurity threats, they are able to avoid them. If security issues do arise, your managed IT service provider is still there to resolve any issues and keep your business running! 

Training with tech42

Providing training for your staff demonstrates your commitment to employee development while ensuring they have the knowledge and skills needed in their position. There are many ways to keep your staff educated and up-to-date with the latest tools and technology. As your partner in technology, tech42 offers training for new and current partners and their employees. 

Microsoft Product Training

Tech42 is a certified Microsoft partner. If your staff uses any Microsoft products or tools like Office365 or Microsoft teams, tech42 will work with your staff to set them up for success. Whether it is for one product or the entire Office suite, we can create customized training for your employees. 

Business Consulting

Are you ready to grow your business and improve your business practices? It can be overwhelming to take the next steps alone. When it comes time to scale your business up, consulting with tech42 will ensure that your technology and other business operations are also ready to grow and are in line with your goals and values.

Tech42 Partners 

When you become a partner with tech42, we will set your business up for success. In the beginning, we’ll kick it off together with a complete course for all employees in the business. In the future, if new hires or current staff need a refresher, we’re always happy to help! 

Our partner, Clip Training, allows us to provide training solutions for your Microsoft 365 needs. Your team can watch these videos at their own pace and it integrates directly into Microsoft teams for a convenient training solution. We offer group and individual training sessions to best suit your staffing needs. 


Internal instruction for your employees can boost morale, improve productivity and save money and time in the long run. With a wide range of options to choose from, our team is always there for your staff. Contact us today to provide training for your staff. If you would like to offer a session that we currently do not have available on our website, reach out to our team to see if we can create one for you that suits your needs!