The end is near, the end of Windows 7 that is.  If you follow us on our social media channels you have seen many of our warnings about the end life of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.  These warnings come with the importance of upgrading your hardware to Windows 10 before that date.  As we keep putting out information, we keep getting questions back about the transition and upgrade, so here is everything that you need to know!

Q; What does end of support mean for Microsoft Windows 7 users?

A: Your PCs will still work but are more vulnerable to risks and security threats, which can affect all PCs on your network.  Windows will still operate, but you will not receive crucial updates.  Although your computer will still start and run Microsoft will no longer provide the following services:

No Technical Support     —–      No Software Updates      —–     No Security Updates

Q: Do I have to replace my PC as well?

A: You do not have to replace your PC for an update, however, it is recommended that you do upgrade your hardware as well.  Most PCs that are still running on Windows 7 are out of warranty and running slow due to age, investing any money into fixing them may not be the most efficient financial answer down the road.  Additionally, a new PC will allow you to take advantage of the latest hardware capabilities.

Q:  How can Windows 10 also help my daily business operations?

A: Windows 10 receives simplified updates and comes with built in security features such as firewall and internet protection to safeguard against viruses, malware and ransomware.  It also provides your employees with flexible management and enhanced productivity, allowing them to access their files from cell phones and laptops off site. An added security feature and time saver comes with a new PC is the capabilities for finger print or facial recognition log in.

Q: Does the end of support of Windows 7 affect any of the software on my PC?

A: Yes, it absolutely does!  Your main business applications and software have already begun the migration to handle a new operating system and you could see in increased lag or slowness on your PCs. 

Q: Can the end of support of Windows 7 put my business at risk for any legal repercussions?

A: Yes! If you are in the health care field or a field that requires high client privacy you are at risk of violating the industry standards put in place, such as HIPAA, to protect your client’s identity and confidential information.  The end of security updates to your Windows 7 PCs ultimately increases your vulnerability to cyber attacks and viruses.

Q: Can we upgrade this internally?

A: Although we highly recommend an experienced IT vendor to complete the upgrade it is possible to do it on your own.  Microsoft created this handy check list for small businesses to use as the upgrade.  It is recommended that if you are upgrading more than 10 PCs to contact an IT vendor to assist in the ease of transition as well as protection of the contents of each PC.  At tech42 we believe that it is important for businesses to understand the severity of this upgrade and even if we are not your vendor of choice, we would be happy to assist if you have any questions. 

Q: How do I schedule an upgrade for my business?

A: Give us a call at (570) 209-7200, Call our Director of Technology Consulting, David Abdalla, at (570) 866-0335 or email us at [email protected].