Holiday shopping is right around the corner. Many individuals will turn to online shopping instead of brick-and-mortar stores for holiday purchases. However, there are some things to be aware of before going on a  Christmas shopping spree. 

Online shopping is convenient and easy for shoppers, but it’s also convenient and easy for hackers looking to steal personal information. Online shopping websites require a lot of personal information to place and receive an order. Without taking the proper precautions, your virtual shopping car may be susceptible to cyberattacks. 

Keep your personal information safe and secure while finding the perfect gift this holiday season.

Stay Safe While Shopping Online

Skip the Debit Card

Using a credit card or payment service like PayPal during online shopping is better than using a debit card. Debit cards are linked directly to bank accounts which leads to a higher risk of a hacker accessing personal information online. PayPal encrypts your financial information to keep it secure during online transactions. 

Shop Secure Sites Only

Before entering personal information, make sure the website you are shopping on is secure. A simple way to see if a website is secure is by checking the beginning of the site address for “HTTPS”. 

Update Your Software

Even though it may feel annoying to constantly update your computer, it is well worth the time. Updating the system software is the best way to ensure that your computer is ready to fight off new cyberattacks.

Increase Password Strength

This piece of advice is one that has been shared a million times before because it’s actually really important. Beefing up your passwords is the easiest way to combat cyber-attacks and it takes very little time to change a password.

Lockdown Your Devices

Using a password to lock your devices while out in public is a great first line of defense against cyber attacks.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, it’s best to be prepared for the holiday shopping season. Need help securing your information? Contact tech42 to stay safe through the holidays.