As more businesses utilize technology in their day-to-day processes, unexpected issues arise more frequently. Whether it’s a data breach, a hardware failure, or a natural disaster, the potential for disruption is always there. The good news is that you can prevent many issues through proactive support, and prepare for any outstanding issues that may arise. 

Why do we need disaster recovery plans?

Disaster recovery plans are needed when our technology fails. Technology can fail for various reasons, some of which are avoidable and some are not as easy to prepare for. Common culprits include:

Hardware Failures

Components wear out, resulting in unexpected crashes.

Software Glitches

Bugs and glitches can disrupt operations.


Malware, ransomware, and hacking attempts pose significant threats.

Human Error

Accidental data deletion or misconfigurations can lead to problems.

Natural Disasters

Fires, floods, and other disasters can damage physical infrastructure, causing issues.

Understanding Disaster Recovery

Consider disaster recovery a backup plan for your tech. It’s a set of strategies and tools designed to help your business bounce back swiftly if the unexpected occurs. However, the real magic of disaster recovery lies in its proactive potential.

Proactive Support

The best disaster recovery plan is the one you never have to use. That’s where managed IT services and our team of Know-IT-alls can shine. 

Tailored Solutions

Our tech experts work closely with you to understand your unique risks and needs. We work with you to craft a personalized plan customized for your business. 

Constant Support

Managed IT services include 24/7 monitoring of your tech ecosystem. They catch potential issues before they have the chance to become disasters.  

Security Fortification

Proper security measures like firewalls and antivirus software make it much harder for cyberattacks to succeed. 

Data Backups

Regular, automated data backups ensure you never lose critical information. Cloud-based security measures minimize the risk of damage to physical backups and servers. 

Disaster Recovery Plan

We’re here to support you and keep your tech working, but sometimes disaster strikes no matter how prepared you are. In those situations, it’s crucial to have a disaster recovery plan in place to minimize downtime and data loss, and get your business back up and running. 

Our team of tech experts will work with you to develop a comprehensive, customized disaster recovery plan. Should something happen, you will be able to access your backups. With a plan in place, we’ll already know the steps to take to get your business back online. 

Tech disasters may be lurking, but they don’t have to catch you off guard. With proactive support from tech42, you’ll be prepared for any circumstances. Skip the uncertainty and consult with tech42 today.