Building a Modern Workplace Requires Flawlessly Connected Technology

What comes to mind when you think about a “modern workplace”? Perhaps the idea of a Google-esque campus with free meals, bring-your-dog-to-work days and comfy couches instead of a staid and structured office setting. While there are still some serious perks to working for a Silicon Valley mega-company, companies of all sizes are able to take advantage of the technology tools that will drive competition and collaboration in the future.

Creating Sustainable Advantage for Scranton Companies

Running your business requires a significant investment in time, attention — and technology. When you are keeping customers happy, focusing on service and looking towards the future, it can be challenging to ensure that your day-to-day operations are getting the full attention that they deserve. This is particularly true as the world shifts to a remote model of work. Your staff and customers need access to sensitive and protected data and business applications from a variety of remote locations via a range of connected devices. Without additional layers of security in place, you could quickly find that your company is floundering under cybersecurity attacks . . . or simply struggling due to poor connections between teams.

Implementing a Modern Workplace

Far beyond the interior of your office, having a modern workplace means providing your team with the ability to work when, where and how they are able. This always-on workforce may need to securely jump online to check customer information or a contract from their phone or quickly connect with customers throughout the world. Having the correct tools in place can take this from an exercise in frustration for your staff to a productive day at the office.

Implementing a modern workplace requires tools that work together to create a cohesive strategy for your business. The technology that you select should be able to fully support your business goals both now and in the future. Your technology strategy should consider:

  • Ongoing software development
  • Customized IT planning and project management
  • Affordable rates for daily IT services such as Help Desk support
  • Unified security standards across all vendor, customer and employee touchpoints
  • Trusted execution by a well-known team of IT professionals
  • Real-time collaboration with internal and external teams
  • Seamless communications including secure text messaging, chat, videoconferencing and traditional phone calls

Internal IT teams may have a difficult time finding space within their busy days for longer-term planning. When you work with the technical professionals at tech42, you’ll quickly find that you have access to some of the best minds in the industry to help create a technology framework to drive your modern workplace.

Creating Efficient and Effective Solutions for the Modern Workplace

When staff members are able to trust that the technology tools that are in place will simply work as expected, productivity can skyrocket within your business. Instead of days spent attempting to securely connect multiple parties via videoconference, a modern workplace provides the ability to collaborate in real-time — anytime. When correctly implemented, tools such as Microsoft 365 and Google G-Suite offer companies a competitive advantage and firm foundation for business growth.

Tech42 Helps Bring Your Modern Workplace Vision to Life

The professionals at tech42 are well-versed in helping companies of all sizes implement the tools required to build a modern workplace. From successfully implementing top productivity tools to cloud-based storage, we excel at creating a workable and approachable IT infrastructure strategy that will meet your stretch business goals. Contact our tech42 team at (570) 209-7200 to schedule a complimentary consultation or ask a question online anytime.