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Streamlining Your Technology & Increasing Your Productivity


In the current age of technology, it is vital to the success of your business that your technology communicates across large facilities, such as; warehouses, production, manufacturing and logistics.  As the demand for products increases, so does the timely manner that they are delivered, all of which can be streamlined with the use of modern technology.  tech42 understands the importance of having a strong form of communication between areas within your business, which is why we strive to provide the most current and innovative technology to your business.

The increase in technology use in the last 20 years within manufacturing facilities has become one of the driving forces behind increasing output and profitability.  When your technology is down, your business is losing money.  tech42 strives to work with manufacturing firms to stay ahead of the curve and prepared for growth.  We understand your business is about making your product and delivering to your customer, not worrying about technology.

Upon our initial meeting with your manufacturing facility we will go through an on-site discovery process where we extract all the issues that may be taking place within you network.  Our team then uses this information to create a customized plan for your facility to ensure that all your needs are met when it comes to the IT infrastructure and network.  It is then in our hands to come up with the most up-to-date and unique technology solutions and strategies to ensure that your network is performing at its best.  From this point on we are YOUR IT team and partner!

Your Success is Our Success

Issue: We were called in to work with a company who needed to streamline their processes to increase productivity and profitability.  When we entered the facility we initially noticed that their processes were very far from streamlined.  For instance, to print one document, it would often have to pass through multiple computers/users to end at a printer.  The company was also experiencing downtime in the shipping department, which was vital to order fulfillment.

Resolution: To make things less time consuming and easier to use we rewired their network, replaced their hardware/monitors and updated their systems to ensure they would be running at their best.  tech42 also worked with the company’s software provided to help streamline internal workload.

Today: The employees are seeing a major increase in productivity with two monitors and an individual solution to bring orders to print.  The ownership team is also seeing a significant increase in sales through more efficient processing and a high rate of return on their technology investment.  Through a system and equipment upgrade, the shipping department has yet to have an issue getting orders out the door.

Issue: When we were contacted by a local manufacturer they were having issues across the board.  Their employees had major concerns over their workload, system reliability and security.  As a major manufacturer, technology was relied on to deliver thousands of parts per week across the country, but hiccups in their current solution was delaying delivery of parts to their customers.  In addition, the company was gearing up for their busiest time of year and were experiencing an hour of downtime per day.

From a technology perspective, wiring in the plant was set up and left out in the open, which ended up causing many issues with how the network ran.  Computers in the company ranged from 8 years old to brand new and an overload of servers were causing network confusion.

Resolution: Initially we rewired the network and set up all the wires in a rack with a temperature and battery sensor, to consolidate the space they took up and to protect them to ensure the network would operate better.  Additionally, we migrated their 14 servers and condensed them to 5 servers, which would assist in creating a more efficient network and allow for 2 virtual servers to be created for file storage and domain.   Once their network was prepared we replaced each employee’s existing computer (47 workstations and 18 laptops) with a new system and a duel monitor upgrade, which would also increase productivity for the employees.  We then worked to eliminate any unneeded servers, including email and non-email to move their accounts to a global address book, and made sure all other software and hardware was compliant to industry standards.  Over the course of their transformation we have also upgraded their phone systems to an internet-based system that will help to eliminate the cost of their monthly phone bill.  Currently, we are working on various other improvements for the company and will continue to work as their Managed Service Provider with 24X7X365 assistance available to them.

Today:  The investment of this manufacturing firm in a Managed Service solution didn’t just bring better support to the table.  They reduced IT spend by over $100,000 in year one and through further network investigation are set to save over $250,000 on technology related bills in the next two years.  The firm has also staged itself for major growth, utilizing our vCIO and project management team to prepare for a large acquisition.