Don’t make the mistake of guessing about the future of your business. When it comes to putting processes in place to help scale your business, the things that worked in the past may not be what is needed to hit your business goals. 

Through a guided process called StratOP, a unique strategic planning process, tech42 helps businesses and their leaders clearly define their goals and vision and lay out a clear, strategic path forward. 

Discovery. Strategy. Action.

This StratOP process aligns your people and resources around what matters, brings focus to your operations, and aligns your business with the highest-impact opportunities. This process is meant to help you close the gap between a big vision and day-to-day actions. The StratOP process begins with a 3-day facilitated process that helps you and your team answer the following questions. 

Where Are We?

“Perspective before planning” is the key to success for businesses. Finding the right perspective helps create the strategic plan. We use a variety of tools that can help us gain a perspective on all the critical organizational issues.

Where Are We Going?

Once your team has the right perspective, we can develop a living core strategic plan. After figuring out which direction the team wants to head in, we can begin building a plan with actionable steps. These core components include strategic, operational, and financial assumptions; organizational strategic control panel; target customer definition; mission, values, vision; and core strategies.

What’s Important Now?

This process focuses on W.I.N’s or “What’s Important Now?” After the whole team recognizes any issues and wants to move forward as one group, a unified plan starts to unfold before their eyes. This is one of the key benefits of the StratOP process: breakthrough becomes cross-functional and involves the whole team. The core plan serves as a basis for creating a unified action plan. Individualized department plans can later be developed to align with the master plan. 

What Form Best Facilitates Our Plan?

The overriding purpose of the structure is to ensure that the right decisions are made promptly. With the core plan and its resulting actions in place, the structural requirements needed to implement can be addressed. 

How Are We Doing?

The StratOP process provides a way of providing ongoing, regular feedback to help manage strategic plan implementation. Asking the questions related to “How are we doing?”, teams can learn how to manage the following components in the plan. Regular weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews are scheduled and implemented.

What Needs To Change?

Every year, the leadership team will come together to review and renew the core strategic plan. During this session, perspective is gained once again. Then, opportunities, patterns, trends, goals, and objectives are reset for the coming year and the process begins again.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to the future of your organization. Jumpstart your goals and scale your organization with tech42.