Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Based ICT Service Desk Is Your New IT Department

Are you tired of wasting time trying to solve your IT problems? Do you want your employees to work more productively and more cost-efficiently while also increasing business continuity? Is your IT manager spending more time IT problem-solving when he/she could be spending that time on mission-critical business tasks?

Small to medium-size businesses in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre PA cannot do without IT – and all businesses will encounter system failures from time to time. Therefore, your business needs resources and tools that will allow you to pinpoint and solve issues related to your IT infrastructure and minimize the rising costs resulting from downtime. The support of an ICT Service Desk will offer a multichannel single point of contact with experienced and well-trained IT specialists.

What is an ICT Service Desk?

The principal role of an ICT Service Desk is to serve as the main point of contact for incident monitoring, ticket management, service requests, and communication between other service management functions. An ICT Service Desk helps businesses manage incidents and requests ranging from issues such as a slow laptop or desktop to more complex issues such as system and server outages.

Created to deliver technical support, business support, and a better user experience, an ICT Service Desk guarantees full transparency regarding your business operations. ICT Service Desk specialists are available to provide full support for end-users 24/7/365. Armed with the best ICT Service Desk technology, an ICT Service Desk team can resolve more than just simple issues.

An ICT Service Desk can be both reactive and proactive. An ICT Service Desk team can identify the underlying cause and impact of IT issues to prevent them from happening again. Not only will service desk specialists ensure business continuity by addressing and solving critical technical incidents in a timely manner, but the specialists will also focus on your unique business needs by planning, deploying, managing, and refining your IT services.

Maintain Elite Service Standards With an Outsourced ICT Service Desk

To break down the user experience journey and outline every contact point from the moment a user encounters an issue, to the moment an ICT Service Desk specialist fixes the issue. What we often discover is that users are often left out of communication, which creates a feeling of frustration and negatively impacts the user experience. This leaves many business leaders with the realization that user experience should be put first in everything they do.

An outsourced ICT Service Desk team ensures that standards do not falter while going through periods of accelerated growth. At tech42 LLC, we develop values and strategies to reflect our user-centered approach that helps users implement new technologies and business processes.

Our ICT Service Desk specialists ensure your IT environment is operational and secure. With experience and skillsets that span across the entire ICT landscape, we provide you with integrated solutions through a managed IT service. tech42 LLC achieves a level of customer service that is unrivaled simply by ensuring users are put first in every aspect of our operations.

What are the benefits of our ICT Service Desk?

  • Faster incident response times
  • Sustained productivity
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Reduction of expenses
  • A continual improvement process

Our ICT Service Desk is staffed by qualified and certified professionals who deliver high-quality support at all times. You can count on us as your Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for every request.

What Can You Expect From An ICT Service Desk?

It’s Tuesday morning and you are preparing for an upcoming meeting that is scheduled after lunch. You have the perfect presentation and it’s saved on a flash drive. You encounter a problem along the way: You have not been able to find the local storage on the device. After a few minutes of frustration, you discover there is a server outage.

An ICT Service Desk can help you lodge an issue and seek assistance in real-time. You will also be alerted to whether others are being faced with this issue or if you are the only one experiencing the issue. An ICT Service Desk combined with its team of experts adds significant value to users. An ICT Service Desk delivers a 24/7 service that suits your unique and evolving needs.

We provide managed services for various environments:

  • Physical and virtual networks and infrastructure services
  • Cloud environments
  • Data centers and on-premise IT infrastructures

Solutions Included In tech42’s ICT Service Desk Solution

Help Desk and Support

  • Troubleshooting and resolution
  • Incident response and escalation
  • Service desk support

Monitoring and Management

  • 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting
  • Scheduled management, maintenance, updating, and patching
  • Detailed service reporting

tech42’s ICT Service Desk Helps Shape Your Vision

Our ICT Service Desk experts are available to help you when you need it. We do more than manage and monitor your environment, we also provide technical advice and support. With our ICT Service Desk, you will have the peace of mind you need, reduce risks to your confidential data and assets, empower your teams to fully leverage your business’s IT investments.

tech42 LLC’s ICT Service Desk and managed services can play a major part in shaping your business’s vision. Our ICT support offerings ensure the growing needs of your business are always met with the best service. Our specialists work 24/7/365. Our ICT Service Desk specialists will monitor your entire IT environment, control your processes, manage individual requests, and ensure all activities are reported in real-time.

With our specialists and experts holding years of experience, your business will have access to high-level engineers. Our ICT Service Desk specialists will take the time to understand your environment and your needs to ensure we enhance the efficiency of the resolution of all your issues. To meet your needs and preferences, we will measure the performance of your IT environment and look for areas that need to be improved.

We are not like other IT companies. Businesses in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre PA work with us because we are quick to respond, are aware of the latest technology, and are proactive in helping businesses meet their IT needs. We understand the role technology plays in business, and we will ensure that your business has the support it needs to make your business a success.