Self-Managed Or Fully-Managed IT: Which Is Right For You?

If you’re already self-managing your IT, why should you consider finding different IT support? There are a number of benefits to doing so, but do you know what they are?

Have you settled for self-managing your IT because it’s simple?

That may be the case – sure, with an internal IT team, you know what the situation is. You’re familiar with who they are, what they can do, and what you should expect of them. It’s easy to just let them be.

But have you considered what fully managed IT support could do for you? After all, it’s your duty to seek new ways to improve the way you operate – have you thought about outsourcing your IT?

3 Costs You Don’t Have To Pay With Fully Managed IT Support

  1. Employee Expenses: An in-house network administrator can cost a lot to have on staff. To be effective, IT service and support requires up-to-date skills and expertise.
  2. Benefits, Sick Leave, Vacation Costs: There are additional expenses on top of salary to consider. For example, holidays, and the coverage while your network administrator is away. When you consider all of this, just one network administrator can cost you even more than a standard salary.
  3. Ongoing Training and Certifications: With cybercrime and other threats to your business, you must ensure your IT staff is trained on the latest cybersecurity tactics. In addition, software, hardware, and cloud solutions are constantly evolving. To provide the most cost-effective IT solutions, your IT personnel should attend vendor training and stay up on certifications that expire. These training and certification expenses can really mount up and may involve travel expenses as well.

What Can Fully Managed IT Support Do That You Can’t?

  • Fully Managed IT Support Reduces IT Costs: Reducing IT costs is one of the most appealing reasons businesses use outsourced IT support. Businesses that choose to outsource can convert unplanned IT expenses to fixed, predictable ones. This frees up capital for other aspects of their business. Plus, it saves on hiring (and firing) in-house staff, paying benefits such as sick leave, health insurance, and Social Security. In addition, your IT support will be available 24/7, where in-house staff may take off due to personal issues or illness.
  • Fully Managed IT Support Provides Confident Security: Security is one of the most important aspects of technology. While technology evolves and data expands, the number of ways your IT network can be compromised increases. For example, cloud services are widely used today. However, to ensure the security of an offsite server, it must be continuously monitored and assessed. Fully managed can offer security services, advise you on the credentials of vendors, and conduct ongoing risk assessments to identify network vulnerabilities.
  • Fully Managed IT Support Gives You Access To Modern Technologies: Many businesses find it difficult to keep up with the latest advances in technology. Outsourcing with IT support provides easy access to the latest technology so you can be more competitive in this technology-driven world. In addition, with IT support, these solutions are less expensive than you if you purchased them yourself. Most IT companies have partnerships with vendors and can provide new technologies at a reduced cost.
  • Fully Managed IT Support Provides Scalability and Adaptability: As your business grows, your IT needs grow as well. Keep in mind that new service offerings often come with significant upgrades or new software programs. Fully managed IT support can provide the flexibility you need to change your products/services or add new ones when required.

tech42 Will Take IT Management Off Your Hands

With our fully managed IT support, you’ll have access to a team of IT experts with extensive technical knowledge and experience — something most businesses could never afford by self-managing IT.

Even better, you’ll benefit from 24/7 Help Desk Support, to ensure your needs are quickly addressed, and information technology stays up and running at all times.

Want to get started? Here’s how:

  1. Contact our team to arrange a consultation at a time that works for you.
  2. Tell us what you need from your IT, and what you need us to take care of.
  3. Let us fully manage your IT, so you can get back to focusing on your work.