Nelson Wood

Senior Network Engineer & Project Manager

Why did you decide to get into the IT industry and how did you get here?

“In the 80’s I was active in the U.S. Navy and they were installing a computer at the training center and I was able to assist on the project.  This got me very interested in computers and how they worked.  When I left the Navy, I attended Marywood University and received a degree in Information Systems.  After school I started to work in what I expected to be programming but ended up working with hardware which eventually led me back to working in IT at Marywood University.  This helped me to continually learn, grow and develop my skills to lead me to the position I am in today.  I received and hold a lot of various certifications today, including A+, Network+, and MCSA.”

Which of your skills benefits the success of tech42 most?

“I think my background is a very big asset for me to bring to the company.  I’ve worked in a lot of different industries and have a wide knowledge regarding them.  I started working in a lumberyard and in retail which also helped me to develop great customer services skill, which are a very big part of my job here.”

In your opinion, what are the core values of tech42?

“I think that we pride ourselves on strong teamwork as well as quality workmanship.  We have a great team here, probably one of the best I’ve worked with, and that also shines through into our high quality of customer service.” 

Tell us about one of your favorite projects with tech42?

“There are so many projects that I’ve worked on and each one of them is very different, but if I had to pick one I would say Horizon Dental Care.  The project was diverse but went really well.  It was exciting for me because I got to learn about new software and dive into a new industry so that I could ensure I would be providing them the best support for their office.”

In a few words, what do you like most about working at tech42?

“In all my years of tech support and service, tech42 has the best mix of technicians I have had the pleasure of working with.”

What are some things you like to do when you aren’t working?

“I travel a lot with my wife and enjoy seeing new places.  I also am working on developing my skills operating a drone and I’m also an actor.  I’m active in the Dunmore Cemetery Tour and do acting in a lot of local plays and productions.”