Android recently released their #GetTheMessage campaign, calling on Apple to update their outdated text messaging system. Sending messages with outdated text messaging technology can cause various issues for users, such as blurry videos to never-ending group chats.

However, this outdated technology can be much more problematic than pixelated pictures. SMS and MMS could be a threat to your cyber security.

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Leave SMS Messaging in The 1990s

Text-based messages send via SMS, which stands for Short Messaging Service. Photos and videos send via MMS, which stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. SMS messaging was invented in the 1980s and was first adapted for widespread use in 1992. It is one of the oldest texting technologies and is still widely used in the United States today.

SMS and MMS are the most commonly used messaging systems in the United States, with over 2.2 trillion SMS and MMS messages sent in 2020. However, these services don’t support end-to-end encryption, meaning that any messages you send are not secure. End-to-end encryption ensures that only the sender and the receiver can view a message. Sending unprotected messages can be dangerous for you and for your business.

Texting is the New Normal

As technology advances, texting has become a standard form of day to day communication for many people. In recent years, many businesses have also begun to rely heavily on text messaging for quick and easy communication, with customers, clients and employees. Some companies will also use text messaging as a form of marketing. 

The problem with all of this? Any data or information shared via SMS or MMS is not secure. Private texts, photos, and metadata are more than likely stored in your cellular provider’s system. Cellular providers have access to this information, and some organizations have been known to sell this data in the past. With outdated and faulty security measures and a lack of data encryption, SMS and MMS messages are also more susceptible to hackers. 

What’s The Solution for Outdated Messaging?

Various messaging platforms like Google’s Messages and Samsung Messages have integrated a modernized form of texting, RCS (Rich Communication Standards) into their platforms. RCS supports features like read receipts, sending and receiving high-resolution photos and videos and, as of 2021, end-to-end encryption between users. 

While sending messages between individuals is secure with RCS, group messages and texts to individuals still using SMS are still not encrypted, leaving your information vulnerable. 

Until all cell service providers update to RCS, the real solution is moving your messaging to a secure, third-party messaging app. There are a wide variety of apps that use end-to-end encryption for your messages. These apps rarely store personal information and private data and are less susceptible to hacking. 

If you want to try a secure messaging app, we would recommend starting with Signal, Telegram, or WhatsApp. These apps offer a high-quality messaging experience with even higher quality security. Don’t take the risk with your data. Keep you and your business safe from the threats of SMS messaging.