patrick ward

Patrick Ward

Web Developer

Why did you decide to get into the IT industry and how did you get here?

“When I was growing up, I enjoyed taking things apart and fixing them, I enjoyed learning how they worked or why they did not. Halfway through High School I was told I was going to college, so I decided to go to school for an Engineering Degree. I started working with hardware/software design and that eventually led me to software development.” 

Which of your skills are beneficial to the success of Tech42?

“I am very thorough with every project that I work on. It is important to me to make sure that things are done properly and completely for our clients. I’m also very diligent in the projects that I’m working on, this is also important because that’s the value we provide for our clients.”

In your opinion, what are the core values of Tech42?

“Expertise and Humor!  Everyone at Tech42 is very easy going and it makes working together enjoyable. At the same time, each employee is very capable of solving the problem they are working on and the projects that they have at hand.  This expertise, humor and patience helps us stay calm and not panic when a client calls with an issue. It also helps us to calm them down and assure them that we will be able to fix whatever the problem is.”

Tell us about one of your favorite projects with Tech42?

“I would say, Jack Williams Tire & Auto.  We updated all their Point of Sale terminals in the show rooms. We had to split off into teams and go to different locations on a very tight deadline to complete the work. This was one of my favorite projects because it reminded me of when I had my own small business doing IT.  I was very happy to be back in the field and to be working with clients to get them settled in with their new equipment!”

In a few words, what do you like most about working at Tech42?

“Mike is an extremely capable and generous boss.  I’ve had my share of bosses that were not as committed to keeping their employees happy on all levels, including sharing his knowledge and working with us.  I also like that we have varied talents here, we fit together like a puzzle.”

What are some things you like to do when you aren’t working?

“I own a 67-acre farm, that takes up a lot of my time.  I also enjoy working on broken things, I like to resurrect them and make them work again.  I have a lot of projects that I would like to be working on, but I have more projects than time these days.”