What is Remote Monitoring and Management?

A fully automated IT systems management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. What does this mean for you? Faster service, better security, and problem prevention which results in significantly lower IT costs.

Remote Monitoring and Management is delivering impressive results, addressing the biggest challenges faced by organizations and improving day-to-day operations. It also helps companies achieve two of their most pressing goals: learning how to do more with less, and effectively dealing with IT budget cuts.


How Remote Monitoring and Management Enhances Your Business

Issues are Resolved Quickly

Through Remote Control, a tech42 technician can remotely access your machine and be fixing a problem within minutes. This saves on time and eliminates on-site visit costs. Reduce your carbon footprint while improving IT service.

Problems are Detected Before They Have a Critical Impact

Tech42 receives automatic updates on how your machines are running. If anything seems out-of-sorts a technician will contact you to discuss a solution. This keeps your systems running smoother and prevents machine errors and slowness.

Improved Security

Receive peace of mind by having tech42 routinely approve and apply Windows Security Updates. Patches are constantly being released to protect you from new or existing viruses, Trojans, etc. Having these patches applied significantly decreases your risk of getting infected.

Return on Investment

Average Repair Time – Reduced by an average of more than 60%. This represents an immediate benefit in terms of staff time and operational cost, and a “softer” benefit in terms of improved productivity and uptime.

Time and Energy Savings – For example, an automation tool reduces the yearly maintenance and repair workload by a conservative 10 hours per device, an office with 100 PCs will save 1000 hours in IT costs.

Daily Maintenance – security updates, patch scans and installations, network monitoring, etc. all take a toll on IT resources. This time totals up and adds to the savings.

Your IT Safety Net

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Why Corporations Need to Automate IT Systems Management

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