Network Design & Management

A network can be as simple as 2 computers in the same office to numerous computers spread across the world. But one basic fact remains, if you do not have a proper foundation the structure is not going to be strong. With the proper design of your network not only do you see faster performance but also stability of the environment so it can grow as your needs grow.

Active Directory Design

A well-designed Active Directory plays a major role in security. It controls authorizations for each computer and user on the network. This includes assigning and enforcing security policies and installing or updating software. For instance, when a user logs into a computer, the Active Directory checks the submitted password and determines the user’s security roles, which allows or denies the user from perform certain tasks.

Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation

Unfortunately we live in an unpredictable world and disasters happen. The key to minimizing loss in any disaster is being prepared. We can provide you with a plan for various scenarios from hardware damage to complete loss of property, as well as help you through each stage of implementing the plan should a disaster occur. Having a plan to help is key to getting you back up and running as quickly as possible and minimizing your businesses financial loss.

Video Conferencing

Easily have face-to-face meetings with clients or staff members at remote offices without the added burdens of time and travel expenses. In our rapidly changing and growing world it is important to stay competitive and connected in every industry. Often times this requires you to be in different places at nearly the same time, or there may be times where voice calls just do not cut it. In either case video conferencing is a highly viable and affordable solution.

Wireless Networks

Wireless is not what it once was, at one time wireless was considered a luxury in a company. However in today’s world wireless is a necessity. Laptops are a standard thing in most meeting rooms and who wants to be tripping over all those wires when you are trying to conduct a meeting? Or why have devices in every room, especially rooms that are infrequently used, when you can use 1 device that you can transport to each room? Additionally, with mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) becoming more and more common in the workplace it is important to have a way for them to connect to the internet.

Routing & Switching Support

Although most of the time a switch or a router is transparent, they are often the basis for how your network performs. They are very important components of your data highway. Slow, outdated, or poorly configured switches and routers may hinder the “traffic flow” of the data in your environment, which makes it difficult to do simple tasks such as accessing a document from your server. It may also stop you from getting all should be out of your data connections. Why be paying for internet bandwidth your network is not supporting?

Firewall Support & Installation

Few devices on your network are as important as the firewall. This device not only allows your users to access the internet via a single connection point, but it also protects you by keeping unwanted intruders out of your network and away from your private data.   Often companies like to think once they setup a firewall they are indefinitely safe.   However, new security exploits and vulnerabilities are being found daily, and to combat these threats a firewall needs to be regularly monitored and maintained to make sure you and your data are safe.

VPN/Remote Access

A VPN is a way of accessing your network without actually being on your network. Can’t get into work but don’t want to miss a day? Remote into your office network and work from home! Forgot to run a report? Remote in and finish that last small task rather than commute back to the office. It is easy, efficient, and allows you to get back to your home life faster.

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services allows all storage and functionality to take place in the server environment rather than on individual workstations. This makes for more efficient management of applications and requires deployment of less expensive workstations, since the workstations will not need to include as much storage space. It is especially efficient for environments that may not allow a full PC deployment due to working conditions or environmental conditions


This is the “latest thing” in the IT world, as well it should be. Virtualization allows you to run many workstations or servers from a single piece of hardware, significantly lowering operating and purchasing costs. Running one piece of hardware compared to running many physical machines saves time, space, and money.

Security Auditing

In the days where technology is constantly on the rise we need to be extra vigilant when it comes to our data environments. Hackers are finding more and more ways to break into our systems and steal or disrupt vital information. Additionally, with web-enabled devices now having the capability to move from network to network it is very easy for them to spread havoc, just like a person spreading an illness. If a laptop or mobile device is infected and comes into your environment it can affect everyone else in your environment. That is why it is important to periodically check for issues. A security audit gives you peace of mind that nothing potentially harmful is lingering inside your network.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test determines whether a system is vulnerable to attack and if its defenses are adequate. These tests are performed by trained individuals who utilize the same tools and methodologies of hackers to find out firsthand how susceptible your environment is from the outside. Once the test is complete, you are provided with a report documenting the tests. It also includes action steps that can be taken to mitigate any vulnerabilities found.

Voice & Data Cabling

This is another part of the data environment that is transparent but can have a tremendous effect on the flow of data. With proper cabling, your data flows in a smooth manor. If cabling is improper, that phone may never ring or that spreadsheet may never print. A simple wire issue can also bring an entire company to a snail’s pace. The good part is, once your environment is cabled correctly you shouldn’t have to worry about it again for quite some time.

VoIP Phone Systems

Communication is key in running any business. With a VoIP Phone System, consolidate some of your office activities and save money is the process. Manage incoming and outgoing calls, host conference calls, get in touch with fellow employees with a click of a button, and so much more!

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