Grow Your Business

Grow your business.

Your business can’t grow if it’s at a standstill. And that’s exactly where you’ll find  yourself if you don’t have reliable IT services. With tech42, you’ll have workstations that work. Servers that serve you well. VoiP services that provide a lot of features, not just a lot of talk. So what are you waiting for?  Let’s grow.

Success Story | Client: A local logistics company

Challenge: Client has multiple buildings each with phones and computers that need to be connected.
Secondary Challenge: All buildings are separated by roads and/or parking lots, there is no way to run wires.

Solution: tech42 designed and implemented a Cisco wireless network connecting each of the buildings together using roof mounted antennas. In addition to this tech42 designed and implemented a Cisco VoIP solution running over both the wired and wireless networks.

Result: All of the computers and phones within the clients organization are connected and able to share data. The customer now has a single phone service connecting into their Cisco VoIP system, which is then shared over their network throughout their organization saving them $1000s of dollars a year.