Dave Abdalla-003

David Abdalla

Director of Technology Consulting

Why did you decide to get into the IT industry and how did you get here?

“I went to King’s College and received a Business/HR Degree and got into working with businesses and evaluating ways that they internally were doing business.  I really found this entertaining because every business was so different and as I kept working closely with them I was able to understand how the owners would think, act and respond to changes within their businesses.  I became very good at working with business owners at finding solutions for things within their office that could streamline processes and save time and money for the business.  I was introduced to tech42 through a software development project and the rest is history.”

Which of your skills benefits the success of tech42 most?

 “I’m very good at creating connections and developing business relationships.  I do a lot of business networking in the Eastern Pennsylvania area and that really helps us to connect with a lot of different business owners and employees, in all different industries.  I also like to keep myself educated on new trends so that I can help my team to better serve our clients.”

In your opinion, what are the core values of tech42?

“I think that tech42 has very strong communication skills at its core.  Our team is so great at explaining things to each other and making sure that we are all aware of things happening.  We have a variety of ways to make communication extremely easy, both internally with our team and externally with our clients.  I also think that we have a high level of professionalism and loyalty when working with not only each other but businesses and customers as well.”

Tell us about one of your favorite projects with tech42?

“I can’t say I have one specific project that sticks out to me.  Every project I have ever worked on here has been different and that makes each one interesting and special in its own way.  If it counts, when we started making the transition from a break/fix model to a Managed Services model was a fun project to work on.  I was able to see the challenges from both a sales perspective and a business owners perspective and work on creating a way to bridge that gap was really interesting.”

In a few words, what do you like most about working at tech42?

“We have a great company culture and comradery with each other.”

What are some things you like to do when you aren’t working?

“I recently had a baby girl, so most of my free time is with her and my wife, and our dog.  We also really enjoy traveling and spending time with family.  I’m a big craft beer enthusiast so I do a lot of networking and traveling to find new beers to try and share with my local fellow enthusiasts. Once the weather is nice, you can usually find me on the golf course when I have some free time.”