Bob Taylor-006

Bob Taylor

Senior Network Engineer

Why did you decide to get into the IT industry and how did you get here?

“I originally started working as an auto mechanic, which is very similar to working as a computer mechanic!  I worked in television engineering for Channel 22 where there was a computer that kept breaking and I was the one who kept fixing it.  Once they saw my knack for fixing the computers I started to receive in depth training on site.  As I went on with my career my training, skills, knowledge and abilities increased, and I developed a passion for troubleshooting and working with computers.  I have a variety of different certifications including ones from Microsoft and Cisco.”

Which of your skills benefits the success of tech42 most?

“I have a very good ability to break down and explain the projects that we are working on to our clients.  This is a difficult industry to explain to people and I think that my people skills along with my understanding of the industry help me to work well with them so that they understand what we are doing and so we can maintain good communication.  I also feel that my troubleshooting abilities help there as well, it makes it easier to understand the bigger picture.”

In your opinion, what are the core values of tech42?

“We look to provide our customers with value over cost and make sure that they are receiving the correct solutions.  It is important to us to make sure that we fix their issues with the best possible solutions we can provide them.  We are also very prideful on our integrity.  It is important that we are confident in our work and presenting that to our clients so that they feel confident with us as well.”

Tell us about one of your favorite projects with tech42?

“I’ve loved every project that I have worked on here, each one of them presents new challenges and learning experience for someone involved and it is great to watch that unfold.  I like to take ownership of each project and treat it like I’m working on my own products.  I also love that each project here requires teamwork and collaboration, we have an outstanding team at tech42.  The knowledge of our team here is invaluable and it is so fun to watch the newer technicians grow and learn from us.”

In a few words, what do you like most about working at tech42?

“I like that it always keeps me busy and I can be a superhero in the tech world when I help our clients!  When this company started it worked towards creating an atmosphere where you enjoyed working and were excited to come into work every day and that is something that I can say we achieved.”

What are some things you like to do when you aren’t working?

“I enjoy music, I play many instruments including the guitar and I’ve written over 100 songs.  I play for pleasure as well as in bands.  I also have a passion for target shooting when I get the chance to go to the range.”