Success Stories

Every project is different. We love taking the best approach to every unique set of problems to find the most cost-effective, time-saving energy-reducing solution.

Client: A local logistics company

Challenge: Client has multiple buildings each with phones and computers that need to be connected.
Secondary Challenge: Due to the fact that all buildings are separated by roads and/or parking lots there is no way to run wires.

Solution: tech42 designed and implemented a Cisco wireless network connecting each of the buildings together using roof mounted antennas. In addition to this tech42 designed and implemented a Cisco VoIP solution running over both the wired and wireless networks.

Result: All of the computers and phones within the clients organization are connected and able to share data. The customer now has a single phone service connecting into their Cisco VoIP system, which is then shared over their network throughout their organization saving them $1000s of dollars a year.

Client: Pennsylvania Bedding

Challenge: A core network switch failed in the middle of the afternoon taking the entire network down.

Solution: Because tech42 maintains a wide variety of new and refurbished network and server hardware on-hand, we were able to immediately dispatch an engineer with the proper hardware to replace the failing switch.

Result: In less than an hour the failing switch had been removed and replaced with a new switch, and the entire network was back up and running. A very satisfied customer.

Client: Allied Services

Primary Challenge: Tape backup solution was unable to backup data within available time frame.
Secondary Challenge: Data resides on a variety of Windows, Novell and Linux platforms, and consists of files, messaging data, and databases. This diversity required multiple backup tools.

Solution: tech42 in partnership with Asigra designed and implemented a single disk based private cloud solution. The cloud server was built to initially support 5TB of data, with the ability to be upgraded to 24TB. Initially the server was deployed in the main data center allowing for all data to be backed-up locally using a 4GB bonded Ethernet connection. Once the initial backup was taken the server was moved to a secondary facility within the clients’ private data network.

Result: All data (over 8TB currently) is now securely backed up to an offsite location well within the allotted time frame. A single summary report can be viewed by the IT staff showing all of the previous night’s backup jobs, and all administration can be done from a single remote console.