About tech42

tech42 was formed with one goal in mind: to be a one-stop shop for IT needs. It’s no wonder then that tech42 has developed a reputation as the first place call for any technology requirement. Our Dunmore, PA company offers premium service that enables our clients to get the most for their money.


Of course, we realize that our job isn’t just to provide affordable services. It’s also to make your job easier by helping you avoid security risks, and costly downtime. tech42 works to strengthen your network, as well as maintain and support your computers. Through our Cloud Service, we are able to diagnose many problems remotely. We solve problems quickly without ever stepping foot into your office. With tech42, it’s all about efficiency.

we're IT.

Success Stories

Allied Services – Private Cloud Backup

Primary Challenge: Tape backup solution was unable to backup data within available time frame.
Secondary Challenge: Data resides on a variety of Windows, Novell and Linux platforms, and consists of files, messaging data, and databases. This diversity required multiple backup tools.

Pennsylvania Bedding – Minimized Downtime

Challenge: A core network switch failed in the middle of the afternoon taking the entire network down.

A Logistics Company – Campus Wireless & VoIP

Challenge: Client has multiple buildings each with phones and computers that need to be connected.
Secondary Challenge: All buildings are separated by roads and/or parking lots, there is no way to run wires.