What tech42 uses for VoIP:
The VoIP phone system we use is a system called Switchvox provided through Digium phones.
They provide a great communication solution for small and mid-sized businesses.
CONNECT all of your office communications, including: phone, fax, chat and web!

Here are some neat facts & details about the phones:


1)  Save Money with Digium Phones

Based on 100 users, Switchvox has helped customers:

  • Save more than 60% on initial investment
  • Lower TCO by $80,000
  • Decrease monthly phone bills by 50%
  • Increase employee productivity, saving 40,000 hrs/yr
  • Minimize maintenance costs
  • Decrease IT network costs

All features are included for every user! No added expense if a staff member needs more functionality.


2)  Link Your Own Phones & Devices at Any Location

Bring Your Own Device- Easily connect tablets, mobile phones and home phones.
Since Switchvox systems can be linked together through your internet connection, easily call coworkers across the hall or across the globe!


3)  Call Features

Control your calling experience by using:

  • Traditional features like Transfer, Hold, Conference, and Call Parking
  • Advanced features such as Do Not Disturb, Find-Me-Follow Me, Intercom, Video Calling

You don’t need to be stuck with just office phones when you can choose from: IP Desk phones, Smartphones, Videophones, Softphones, Home phones, and more!


4)  Personal Call Rules

Personal Call Rules, or Find-Me-Follow-Me, allow incoming calls sent to their desk phone, mobile phone, home phone, etc.
Just change your status and the “correct call rule” changes automatically so you can take calls anywhere at any time.


5)  Improve Your Customer Service

Use features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to improve service. IVR allows you to automatically provide & collect information to send callers where they need to go.

Examples for phone options can be:

  • Simple, such as “Press 1 for Sales, and Press 2 for Support”
  • Advanced, like interacting with your database to retrieve and playback account balances


6)  Call Queues

All of your employees can answer incoming phone calls to the main line, sales number, or anything else you need!
Upload music or record announcements letting your callers know when they can expect to talk to someone.


7)  Conferencing

It has never been this cost effective and easy to host a conference call.

  • Each user can have their own audio conference room
  • Host multiple conferences simultaneously
  • Control the conferencing experience with announcement options, as well as who can talk in conferences


8)  Voicemail features

Don’t miss another important message! Access your voicemail wherever you are using the Unified Messaging feature. Access your messages in different ways:

  • Voicemail through email
  • Visual voicemail from your User Portal or your Digium IP Phone
  • The Switchvox Mobile App
  • The Switchboard

Have ONE number for Voice and Fax

Switchvox phone extensions can handle voice calls and faxes. So you can publish one phone number, then let Switchvox send calls and faxes to the right place.


9)  Track Valuable Information

View graphs and reports of statistical data about calls.
Find out useful information such as when the highest volume of calls come in, or if callers are abandoning calls when they reach a specific point.


10)  Boost Productivity

Manage your presence and view other team member’s status.
Change your presence to Away, Do Not Disturb, Available, or another customized status that you create to stay connected to your team.


11)  The Switchboard

The Switchvox Switchboard Puts your Entire Communications System Just One-Click Away.

This web-based application gives each user on your system a birds-eye view into what is going on with your company’s communications as well as desktop call control, chat, and access to your CRM, all in real time. Though not required, Switchboard is included for every user with no additional license fees.


Recognized as the Best in the Industry


Recognized as the best in the industry.