Don't Panic

Computers crash. Documents disappear. Files freeze. Connections cease. And people panic. But with tech42, you don’t have to sweat IT. Whether you have 20 computers or 100, tech42 can help you get your network running at top performance. And virtually eliminate downtime. As well as the anxiety that comes with it.e.

Common causes of Panic

  • Application or Computer Crashes
  • Can’t Access Email
  • Can’t Access Internet
  • Lost Open Document
  • PC Won’t Turn On
  • A Program Won’t Open
  • Slow PC
  • Document Corrupted
  • Email Going to Spam



Success Story | Client: Pennsylvania Bedding

Challenge: A core network switch failed in the middle of the afternoon taking the entire network down.

Solution: Because tech42 maintains a wide variety of new and refurbished network and server hardware on-hand, we were able to immediately dispatch an engineer with the proper hardware to replace the failing switch.

Result: In less than an hour the failing switch had been removed and replaced with a new switch, and the entire network was back up and running. A very satisfied customer.

Don't Panic