Client: Allied Services

Primary Challenge: Tape backup solution was unable to backup data within available time frame.
Secondary Challenge: Data resides on a variety of Windows, Novell and Linux platforms, and consists of files, messaging data, and databases. This diversity required multiple backup tools.

Solution: tech42 in partnership with Asigra designed and implemented a single disk based private cloud solution. The cloud server was built to initially support 5 terabytes of data, with the ability to be upgraded to 24 terabytes. Initially the server was deployed in the main data center allowing for all data to be backed-up locally using a 4Gb bonded Ethernet connection. Once the initial backup was taken the server was moved to a secondary facility within the clients private data network.

Result: All data (over 8 terabytes currently) is now securely backed up to an offsite location well within the allotted time frame. A single summary report can be viewed by the IT staff showing all of the previous nights backup jobs, and all administration can be done from a single remote console.